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Meet your new favorite mug.

This handmade ceramic chicken mug is just begging to sit cozy in your hands while you sit in your pajamas watching your chickens cavort around on the lawn.

These handcrafted chicken mugs are made one by one, so each and every one is as unique as you and me. They're super strong and durable, if you treat them well, they'll outlive you! Chicken mugs make perfect gifts, whether it's for yourself (and hey, you deserve it) or for a fellow chicken lover!


Height: 5 inches

Width: 5 inches

Mug Mouth: 3.25 inches

Volume: Each mug holds 16 fluid ounces


Our chicken mugs are made from high quality white stoneware clay. They are glazed using a variety of high fire cone 6 commercially made glazes. All the glazes we use are lead-free and food safe.

Microwave/Dishwasher Safety

Our chicken mugs are not microwave safe, the glazes can crack in the microwave.

They are however dishwasher safe! We’ve been washing our own personal chicken mugs in the dishwasher for years and it has no affect on them.

Handmade in America

You know what’s really special about these chicken mugs? Each one is handmade in Western New York by a single potter. Each one is as unique and special as you and me! Due to the fact that these mugs are handmade, each mug will vary slightly from the photo shown on the shop.


Each and every one of our chicken mugs are made to order. This means that as soon as you check out, work will begin on your mug. Due to the drying and firing time required with ceramics, it will be at least two weeks before your mug is completed. Your mug will be shipped 2-4 weeks after your order.


Due to the fact that our mugs are made just for you, we can customize them to your liking! If you'd like the name of your favorite chicken or a special message inscribed on the bottom, simply send me a note along with your order and I'll be sure to add it just for you, no added charge.

Rush Orders

We can complete rush orders for an added $20 fee. If you order your chicken mug as a rush order, your mug will be shipped 5 days after your order is placed.

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