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The Help-a-Hen Program

We've all seen the photos of hens living their entire lives in battery cages, unable to scratch and pick in the dirt or enjoy their lives. To any animal lover, this imagery is sickening, and the fact that it's so commonplace is disappointing to the max.

We're big believers in treating animals well, and we want to see others do the same. We here at Backyard Chicken Project want to see more happy, healthy hens, so we decided to do something about it.

We're committed to doing all we can to help homeless and abused hens.

Our local animal shelter takes in those unwanted and abused hens from all over the United States. This shelter take in hundreds of hens released from factory farms and aids in their care and recovery while they await adoption.

This wonderful shelter always needs a helping hand to care for these chickens, so we decided to give it!

Through our Help-a-Hen Program, Backyard Chicken Project donates 10% of all profits to The Humane Society at Lollypop Farm to aid in the care of their chickens. This includes profits from our shop, sponsorships, and affiliates.

Help us help them. You can help a suffering hen find a new, loving home.

Shop in our boutique or check out our sponsorship options on the BCP website if you want to lend a wing.

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