What is Backyard Chicken Project?

We are a movement. A backyard movement of crazy chicken people spreading their love across the world. We believe in the happy, healthy, spoiled chicken. 

We believe in getting back to the land. We believe in treating animals right. We believe our project has what it takes to make the world a better place, one chicken at a time.

The Backyard Chicken Project has both a website and a boutique (you are here). The website hosts our chicken keeping articles and community, which we call our flock. Together, the website, flock, and boutique come together to make a rockin' place that chicken lovers can come home to roost. 

Where are these products made?

Every single one of these products is made in the USA under fair and sustainable practices. 

Can't I get something similar from a big box store?

Here's the thing about buying from a big box store... when you buy products at a big box store, they were likely made in a factory, using machines, robots, molds, and underpaid workers. Those wares are cheap to produce, pennies on the dollar, and yet stores still charge a pretty penny for them. They were likely not made in a sustainable manner, and not made with high quality materials that will last.

Unlike the wares you’d buy in most stores, every piece in this boutique was handmade in the USA. We try our best to source our raw materials locally, and buy from fellow small businesses.

We believe in supporting makers, creators, and small business. Sometimes that belief costs a little more than buying from a big box store, but the difference it makes for the planet and the people on it is h-u-g-e.

What's the deal with shipping?

Shipping is calculated by the magical elves working behind the scenes at Shopify. We enter in the package weight and size, and Shopify configures shipping charges according to the distance the package has to travel.

How are your products packaged?

We put a lot of thought and effort into our packaging to make sure our wares not only get to you safely, but you have a lot of fun opening them as well!

Each piece is wrapped in colorful tissue paper and placed in a white box with colorful spring fill. We include some stickers and a lovely gift tag on the box. That gift box is then placed in a shipping box and surrounded with airbags and packing peanuts to ensure nothing will happen to it in transit.

Whenever possible we use recycled and sustainable materials to ship our products. The packing peanuts are biodegradable, and the air bags and boxes are recycled. We care about the environment and spend a little extra on shipping supplies to help protect it.

We take care to use extra tape and extra packing material to ensure your new FunWare will arrive intact. We’ve shipped hundreds of items and have never had one break in transit, even overseas!

Bonus: For every tenth sale we make, we toss in a free gift and a coupon for 15% off your next order, you just never know, it might be you who gets lucky!

Who are you? How do I find out more about you?

Well, thank you for asking! My name is Meredith, I'm a writer, maker, and chicken wrangler living in Western New York. I created Backyard Chicken Project out of my need to share my love of chickens with the world. Over the years it has transmogrified considerably to what you see now. Many of the wares you find on this boutique were made in my woodland art studio, called ImaginAcres. Feel free to check out The Workshop section on my website to see more about how these pieces are made!


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